Le Ching Tea House Restaurant Review

Le Ching Tea House may not look fancy. In fact, it looks like a typical hole-in-the-wall restaurant. However, like many unassuming establishments, you would be surprised with the quality of the food that they serve at Le Ching Tea House.

Le Ching Tea House is a family favorite. Whenever we go to Greenhills Shopping Center, we would make it a point to eat lunch or have merienda at Le Ching Tea House. Our perennial favorites are the pork spareribs, chicken noodle soup, and steamed siomai.

A few weeks ago, we had the chance to visit Le Ching Tea House at UP Ayala Technohub. The last time we ate here was around two years ago. Nothing much has changed about the place since our last visit; it had that typical unpretentious vibe similar to its branch in Greenhills.

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