omg slim forskolin Also, avoid: – Eat too much meat. Control the intake of animal proteins. You do not need to eat meat daily, two or three times a week is enough, otherwise it will require your kidneys to work double. IN YOUR FAVORITE NETWORK Follow us on your favorite network. – Do not take care of your bladder. Cystitis, a common disease in women, which can become chronic, poses a great danger to the kidneys, as the bladder bacteria can advance through the urinary tract and reach the kidneys. What works with ones does not exactly work with others. Each case is a case and generalization is far from a rule. So what is the best diet for you? Should you eat less carbohydrates or fat to lose weight? The evaluation of the individual’s metabolic profile by a professional is the best way to know if, in your case, a carbohydrate or fat restriction diet is best. There are, however, some data that may provide clues.

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