binance – Binance Exchange CEO Praises Recently Acquired TrustWallet Benefits

A new partnership is announcement between the McAfee Exchange and CoinBene – and it comes with an added swipe at HitBTC…

Controversial and outspoken cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee has been in Europe for the past few days, as a guest on the Blockchain Cruise conference. And whilst there, he’s been part of a press conference that’s announced a new partnership.

In this case, it’s between the McAfee Alliance – his organisation that “unites all alliances under one banner for the greatest cause of our time” – and the CoinBene exchange. The partnership sees Coinbene agreeing to list for no charge any coin or token that asks to be delisted from the HitBTC exchange.

HitBTC has been a target of McAfee’s ire for some months now. McAfee has made several allegations against HitBTC, and has left few in any doubt as to his views towards the exchange. He has previously said that he’s preparing a legal challenge against it, and has called for a boycott. More on that here.

Both McAfee and CoinBene took to their respective Twitter accounts to announce the new partnership. Both claim that the move is part of a “fight against corruption”.

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