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Asset-Specialist is a Fixed Asset Management Software designed to Track, control and management of Fixed Assets. Gives a unified view and control of all your Asset Management Software, where they are, what their cost and present values are. Featuring a Warranty, Insurance and Maintenance Contracts management calendar alerts. This software will help you in eliminate drudgery and cost of maintaining Fixed Assets. It will help you in ensuring that all assets are properly insured, are under AMC. It will help you in calculating correct asset valuations and accurate depreciation deductions. Asset-Specialist streamlined approach will save you hours and put you in control of your fixed assets.

Key Features:
1. Various Asset details like Asset code, Asset Description, Asset Type, Purchase information, Cenvat information etc. can be recorded.
2. Automatic Asset Code, & Physical No for each asset.
3. Voucher details of each asset can be documented.
4. Assets can be arranged Location wise, Department wise, cost center wise.
5. Block wise, Category wise classification of assets available.
6. Income Tax Book and Accounting Book and two spare books are inbuilt in the system.
7. Depreciation methods like SLM, WDV are inbuilt.
8. AMC & Insurance details for each asset can be feeded.
9. Physical verification details can be recorded.
10. Write off & adjustments, if any, can be recorded against each asset.

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